Unbridled fun in the Dagestani way. Right from the wedding Hasbulla was taken to the police

Unbridled fun in the Dagestani way. Right from the wedding Hasbulla was taken to the police

Hasbulla is a popular blogger who has amassed an audience of millions. He also got an exclusive contract with the UFC and actively promotes that brand. But the Russian gets into unpleasant stories more and more often. Most recently, he was subjected to a powerful portion of criticism because of the scandal with the cat.

In addition, Hasbulla was on a popular Internet show – ЧБД. And he told how he spent a whole day in the detention center. Apparently, no conclusions were drawn from that very story.

On the eve of it became known that Hasbulla was again in the police station. This was reported by the press service of the Interior Ministry of Dagestan. According to the source, Hasbulla was involved in an administrative violation in Dagestan.

He was celebrating a wedding in the company of his friends. Noisy guys blocked the road, drifting and hitting cars. Representatives of the press service called it “unrestrained fun in the Dagestan way”. And most importantly, a video of the incident appeared.

The video clearly shows Hasbik leaning out of the car window and getting into an altercation with one of the traffic participants. The video then continues with footage from the police, showing the entire group of detainees. And one of the offenders even tried to explain the actions of the company: “We went to a friend’s wedding. The highway was empty, and they started spinning cars.”

It is worth noting that no serious sanctions were imposed by the police. The State Traffic Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan drew up administrative reports on all the violations committed against the company.

Hasbik even managed to comment on the situation on social media: “They decided to get a little hype. Black hype is also a hype. It will not happen again. People, we apologize. We played a little bit, we had to respond.”

They decided to get a little haip. Black hype is also a hype

This really isn’t the first time Hasbik has been in a situation where he has been detained by police.

At ЧБД, the blogger said they found a gun in his friend’s car and then questioned him at the station for 11 hours. According to Hasbulla, all this happened after the showdown, which was attended by about 40 people. Curiously enough, during the show Hasbulla also uttered a very funny phrase: “We never draw conclusions from our actions”.

Hopefully, this time, the blogger will think about his behavior and will not commit such offenses again. Because the next time such a story may end less favorably. And, in addition to the fine, Hasbulla may face a more serious punishment.

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