Hasbik preparing for his fight with Abdurozik: Hasbullah’s training in the gym

Hasbik, a well-known Russian blogger and fighter, is getting ready for his next fight against Abdurozik. In his latest video, he showed how he trains in the gym and prepares for the upcoming fight.

Hasbik regularly works out in the gym to keep his body in shape and prepare for battle. In the video, he shows how he performs exercises on cardio machines, works with dumbbells and other shells. Hasbik also shows how he spends his training in the ring, preparing for the fight with Abdurozik.

Hasbik, in order to prepare for the fight with Abdurozik, has to work especially hard

According to Hasbik, to prepare for the fight with Abdurozik, he has to work especially hard, because Abdurozik is a very strong and experienced fighter. However, the blogger is confident in his abilities and ready to fight.

Hasbik’s training has aroused great interest among his followers, who want to know what a fierce fight awaits their favorite blogger. They also express their support for Hasbik and wish him good luck in the fight.

Thus, Hasbik continues to captivate his subscribers with his videos, showing not only his life and achievements, but also how hard and hard you have to work to achieve your goals. We are waiting for the fight between Hasbik and Abdurozik, and look forward to new successes of this talented blogger.

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