Hasbik firing a gun on video: Why it’s dangerous for society

Recently, a video appeared on social networks showing a young man named Hasbik firing a gun in several different places. This video sparked a wide discussion among Internet users, and many have expressed their opinions about the video.

First, it should be noted that shooting a gun is an illegal action in most countries of the world, including Russia. Therefore, despite the fact that Hasbik is a person of interest, his actions are illegal and can lead to serious consequences.

In addition, it should be noted that such videos can be harmful to society. They can incite other people to break the law, as well as contribute to the spread of violence and criminal activity.

Therefore, social networks and Internet platforms should take measures to combat such content and remove such videos. In addition, social media users should be more responsible in their actions and not spread such content, which can harm other people.

Thus, a video of Hasbik firing a gun can have a negative impact on society.

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