How Hasbik and his phrase about strawberries conquered all social networks

What is “Hasbik Strawberry”?

Hasbeek Strawberry is a video that was posted on TikTok and went viral.
It all started with the phrase “Strawberries are the bomb, to be honest”, which went viral. The video with this phrase quickly spread across the Internet and gained millions of views.

The video shows how a guy from the city of Aktau (Kazakhstan) eats strawberries with particular enthusiasm and a facial expression that caused a lot of positive emotions among netizens.

Why has the video “Hasbeek Strawberry” become so popular?

Hasbeek strawberries have become popular due to their originality and humor. The video, in which the main character enjoys strawberries, causes positive emotions in social media users and makes them smile. In addition, Hasbeek Strawberries quickly went viral due to its simplicity and affordability.

Hasbik is a 20-year-old blogger with Dagestan roots and the appearance of a small child. He became popular on social media through his TikTok videos, where he uttered one line that instantly went viral: “Strawberries are the bomb, to be honest.”

In a short period of time, Hasbik became a real star of the Internet, and the number of his followers on Instagram exceeded 8.4 million people. He became an object of media interest and many companies were willing to pay him to advertise their products.

How Hasbik got into the Forbes rating

Today, Hasbik is on the long list of nominees for the Forbes rating “30 under 30”. This prestigious title is awarded to young people who by the age of 30 have reached great heights in their profession and have received worldwide recognition. At the moment, voting for the nominees is underway, and the results will determine the places in the ranking.

The secret of Hasbik’s success lies not only in his viral catchphrase. He is also popular for his funny videos in which he plays various roles and imitates other people’s voices.

Hasbik and Abdurozik

However, the real popularity came to Hasbik after his fight with another small blogger from Tajikistan – Abdurozik. The organizer of the fight was Askhab Tamaev, who is also known as the “Mask”. At the press conference before the fight Hasbeek and Abdurozik attracted the attention of more than 16 million people. Many celebrities drew attention to this fight, including Fedora Emelianenko and Shaquille O Neil.

Despite the fact that Hasbik is small in size, its popularity on the Internet is incredibly high.

Hasbik doesn’t stop there

Hasbik did not stop there and continues to delight his subscribers with new videos. In them, he shows his life, communication with friends, and also discusses various topics. His funny childlike voice and funny demeanor attract a lot of people and evoke positive emotions.

Hasbik may not be able to achieve his dream of leading the Dagestan Interior Ministry, but he has already achieved great success on the Internet and has become one of the most popular bloggers in Russia.


In conclusion, Hasbeek Strawberry is not just a video, it is the new social media hero. It evokes positive emotions in users.

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