Hasbik and Makhachev: jokes and fights

Хасбик и Махачев - шутки и бойцовские поединки

Hasbulla Magomedov, better known as Hasbik, has become famous for his fights and social media adventures. He recently joked about the Russian champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Islam Makhachev, and received an unexpected response.

Hasbik’s jokes and Makhachev’s answer

On Instagram, a social network banned in the Russian Federation, Hasbik joked about Makhachev, asking him why the champion does not move in a Maybach car. Makhachev replied that Maybach and the van in which he was traveling with friends would deliver them to the same place.

News from UFC

Makhachev recently defended his UFC lightweight title by defeating Australian Alexander Volkanovski by unanimous decision at UFC 284. The Russian fighter has already fought 25 fights, winning 24 of them, including 12 in a row.

Hasbik fights

Hasbik rose to prominence through his fighting matches and social media promotions. While many of his fights were just for fun, he recently signed with the UFC and is gearing up for his first fight as a pro.

Fights that didn’t take place

One of Hasbik’s most famous bouts that never took place was with a dwarf blogger named Abdurozik. This bout became an important topic of discussion on social media, but ultimately did not take place.

It is important to note that Instagram, where Hasbik joked about Makhachev, belongs to the Meta Corporation (Meta Corporation and a social network banned in the Russian Federation)

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