CHBD Hasbik online: how the comedy show blew up the Runet and became a hit on VKontakte

Hasbik is a young blogger from Dagestan whose videos and fights have gone viral on social media. In this article, we’ll take a look at how Hasbik has gained an online audience, what kind of videos he makes, and why his content has become a real hit.

Hasbik has conquered the Internet audience

Hasbeek – a guest on “What’s Next” – appeared on the air to talk about his participation in the most high-profile show of recent times. This program not only became a hit on the VKontakte network, but also caused a lot of discussion among viewers.

Hasbik has conquered the Internet audience

Despite this, she became a real discovery for many stand-up artists, and also helped to expand the boundaries of comedy in Russia.

Hasbick’s interview on What’s Next?

Hasbeek, in an interview with the host of the program, spoke about his participation in the show and shared his impressions about his colleagues on the show. He noted that it was a great honor for him to perform on the same stage with such celebrities.

In addition, he noted that stand-up is not just fun entertainment, but also a real art that requires serious work and preparation.

Hasbik's interview on the program

How the show became a hit on VKontakte

The show “What Will Happen Next” has become a real discovery for many stand-up artists who were not previously known to a wide audience. In addition, it has become an example of how you can use social networks to promote your creative projects.

Due to its unique concept and high quality performance, the show has gained immense popularity and has become the main conversational place in Runet.

Comedy in Russia: future and prospects

The show “What’s Next” has become a prime example of how comedy can be a successful and popular genre in Russia. However, like any other art, comedy needs constant development and innovation.

We can safely say that this transmission format was unexpected for many viewers. Interviews in an informal setting, clumsy jokes and ridiculous situations – all this caused not only smiles, but also a desire to see more.

Informal interviews, awkward jokes and ridiculous situations

However, not everyone took the jokes of Hasbik and his guests positively. Some viewers accused the participants of the program of disrespect for the viewer, lack of morality and personal responsibility.

Despite this, the transfer of Hasbik and his guests became a real hit on the VKontakte network. As the program became popular, even TV channels began to pay attention to it, which offered Hasbik cooperation.

What happens next?

What will be next? Personally, Hasbeek hinted that the filming of the next episodes of the program will take place in a large format, perhaps even on a large stage.

In addition, viewers expect the appearance of new star guests in the program. Perhaps Hasbik will be able to invite not only Russian, but also foreign stand-up stars to his program.

What happens next

It is also worth noting that this format of the program can become an example for the creation of similar programs in other countries. After all, more and more people are looking for entertainment on the Internet and want to enjoy content that is not heavily censored by television channels.

In any case, it’s safe to say that the transfer of Hasbick and his guests has become a real event in the entertainment world. Despite all the criticism and doubts, she was able to show the audience that humor can be not only funny, but also deep.

How to watch Hasbika online?

In order to watch Hasbik online, you need to go to or its official YouTube channel. There you will find all his videos, live broadcasts and other interesting materials.

In addition, Hasbik is also active on other platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and VK.


ChBD Hasbik is one of the most popular bloggers from Dagestan who was able to win the hearts of millions of viewers. His humor, cheerfulness and openness will not leave you indifferent.

Watch Hasbik online and get a lot of positive emotions!

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