Issue with Hasbik: What was and what do viewers think of the new issue of CHBD. Final ratings

The new release of ChBD with Hasbik has already collected more than 50 million views: what was there, viewer reviews.

Recently, a new release of the cult humorous project “What happened next?” was released on the popular platform VKontakte. The show, which until recently was released on YouTube, returned to the screens after a long break. The new release received a lot of attention from the audience and collected a huge number of views in a short period of time – 50 million.

Judging by the reviews, viewers were pleased with the return of the show and expected the continuation of the traditional format. However, as it turned out, the new release was somewhat different from the previous ones.

BJD with Hasbeek released on the VKontakte platform

First of all, it is worth noting that the show was moved to the platform VK. This decision caused various reactions from the audience. Some believe that this is the right decision, since watching videos on VK is more convenient and understandable. However, other viewers have complained about poor video loading, preventing them from fully enjoying the show.

bhd with Hasbik was released on the VKontakte platform

It’s also worth noting that the new episode of ChBD has been edited and censored. This has caused some viewers who are used to the direct and explicit humor of the project to be unhappy with this. However, the majority of viewers were satisfied and admitted that such a decision was necessary in order to comply with the new requirements and norms of the platform.

The new release of BHA was not only censored, but also more technical. New special effects were added to the show, and the sound and editing were of better quality. However, despite this, viewers noticed that the new release lacked the distinctive spirit and atmosphere that had been present in previous releases.

In addition, the audience expressed their gratitude for the fact that the team was able to return to the screens. Users agreed that “VK is not perfect, but still this platform is better than any YouTube out there, besides, it was thanks to VK that the guys were able to return.”

However, not all users were satisfied with the work done by the platform. Most of the complaints were related to poor video loading. “Can I be back on YouTube? In normal quality, it does not load at all. What is the point of such a BHD that you can’t watch?” asked Anastasia Zharikova.

The issue with Hasbeek CBD turned out to be extremely successful – it has already gained more than 50 million views

Despite some problems, the release of ChBD proved to be extremely successful – in a short time it gained more than 50 million views. This is a vivid example of the fact that viewers are always happy with high-quality and interesting content created by talented and hardworking people.

The release with Hasbeek CBD has been extremely successful - it has already gained more than 50 million views

Hosts of the show “What happened next?” continued their humorous format in the new issue, which collected 50 million views on the VKontakte platform. The guys returned to this platform after their YouTube channel was blocked.

The new issue discussed various topics, including politics, technology and science, using its own characteristic style and humor.

Despite the fact that BHA have been working together for a long time and have their own distinctive style, each new release brings something fresh and interesting. Their sharp mind, out-of-the-box thinking and ability to ignite the audience make the show “What happened next?” one of the most popular on the Russian Internet space.

Users of the VKontakte platform spoke positively about the new release of the show

Users of the VKontakte platform spoke positively about the new episode of the show. They noted the convenience of watching videos on this platform and the opportunity to watch the new episode first, without waiting for it to appear on YouTube.

However, other users supported the platform and suggested that the problems could be related to the high number of hits and server load. Diana Radionova cheered up other users by saying that her video loads perfectly.

In general, the new release of ChBD turned out to be very successful and collected a huge number of views on the VKontakte platform. Judging by the feedback from the audience, the guys are developing and continue to please their fans, but you and interesting jokes and headings. We look forward to the next releases and hope that they will be no less successful!

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