HASBIK CHBD: Here’s why the “What Happened Next?” video with Hasbik got 48 million views in three days

Video transmission “What happened next?” on the network VK (VKontakte) with Hasbik ChBD scored in three days an amazing success – 48 million views. In this article we will tell you why this program has become a real hit, and Hasbeek ChBD – the star of the Internet.

Hasbik in ChBD: who is he and why is he popular

Hasbeek is a young blogger and host who creates entertaining content on social media. He was born on July 7, 2002 in Makhachkala, now he is 20 years old. Magomedov’s parents come from the indigenous Dagestan people, the Dargins.

At the age of 5, he was diagnosed with a genetic anomaly causing hormonal imbalances and growth problems. However, he gained real popularity due to his unique personality and style of communication.

Description of his personality and communication style

Hasbik is a bright personality who is distinguished by charisma and humor. His communication style is simple and casual, which allows him to quickly gain the trust of the audience.

He communicates with viewers on an equal footing, often using jargon and funny expressions, which makes his content accessible to any audience.

Presenters in the program “What happened next?”

TV show “What happened next?” is a comedy show where comedians analyze and comment on funny and unexpected moments from news stories, videos, social media and other sources.

From the very first episode in 2019, Nurlan Saburov, Alexey Shcherbakov and Tambi Masaev.

Nurlan Saburov is a comedian from Kazakhstan, one of the most popular representatives of the genre in Russia, as well as a co-producer of the show. Alexey Shcherbakov and Tambi Masaev are also famous comedians in Russia.

Later they were joined by Ilya Makarov and Emir Kashokov, who also take part in the filming of the new season.

The show gained wide popularity due to the original format, high-quality editing work and the high professionalism of the comedians-hosts.

The content of the entertainment program “What happened next”

Transfer “What happened next?” has the format of a story about funny and unexpected events that happened to celebrities and ordinary people in the past.

Leading CHBD, using their humor and ingenuity, tells stories that touch on a variety of topics – from the history of the creation of popular companies to ridiculous cases from the life of celebrities.

What attracts viewers to the CBD show

The content of the program “What happened next?” attracts viewers with its sharpness, unexpected twists and humor. Hasbeek on the CBD program skillfully combines facts and funny stories.

This project really stands out from the background of other entertainment programs, thanks to its unique concept and the bright personality of the presenter. In addition, the success of the project is also due to a carefully thought-out advertising campaign and high production costs.

3 Success Factors for Hasbik ChBD Transmission

1. The first and most important success factor is the popularity of the entertainment genre as a whole. Most viewers want to relax and get away from everyday worries, so entertainment programs have always been very popular. However, to stand out from the competition, it was necessary to offer something special.

2. The second success factor is the personality of the leader. Hasbik ChBD is a bright, charismatic personality with a unique communication style. He knows how to keep the audience in suspense and attracts attention with his unusual appearance and original behavior. In addition, Hasbeek CBD is known for his unbridled energy and humor, which makes him very attractive to a younger audience.

3. The third success factor is the quality of execution and the high production cost of the project. All video releases “What happened next?” with Hasbeek have professional filming and editing, as well as high-quality sound design. In addition, a variety of visual effects are used in each episode, which add additional dynamics and appeal to the program efficiency.

Thus, the success of the video transmission “What happened next?” with Hasbeek is explained by the successful combination of the transmission format, the personality of the presenter and an active advertising campaign. This project has become a real phenomenon in the social network VK, attracting a huge audience and demonstrating huge potential for development.

Also, one of the key factors for the success of this program is its genre – the entertainment format of the show has always been very popular among viewers, especially in the online environment. In addition, Hasbik ChBD, thanks to his personality and unique communication style, managed to attract a lot of attention to the program. He is distinguished by his bright appearance, original voice and non-standard behavior on camera.

Another important success factor is the high-quality performance of the program and the high production cost. After all, the quality of video and sound, bright scenery and effects, the high professionalism of the film crew and editors – all this creates the impression of a high level of transmission and attracts viewers.


In conclusion, it is worth noting that the success of the video program “What happened next?” with Hasbeek is the result of a successful combination of the format of the program, the personality of the presenter and an active advertising campaign.

Without a doubt, such shows and such talented hosts can become real heroes of modern culture, attracting a huge audience and becoming an integral part of the modern media space.

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